From Canada With Love

Early February, several volunteers from Gawad Kalinga (GK) Canada and GK Australia found their way to the Kusina ng Kalinga kitchen in Alang-Alang Central School, Leyte. United in their goal to help end hunger and poverty for thousands of kids, these volunteers worked side by side with our kitchen staff and volunteers, even if it meant waking up early and chopping more onions than they have seen in their life.

One such volunteer is Brian Morales from GK Canada. Last year, Brian helped raise funds for Kusina ng Kalinga through the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge. As a Skoll fundraising champion, he rallied friends and family to support the cause. At the end of the challenge, he was able to raise $3,130, which is enough to feed more than 1 class for an entire year.

Brian wanted to make his experience more personal, so he flew all the way to Leyte to help with the kitchen and interact with the children.

Raising the Funds

Brian’s Kusina ng Kalinga journey began with raising the funds. He put up his own fundraising page in the Skoll Social Entrepreneur’s challenge, but he also came up with creative ways to encourage his network to give

Visit his Facebook page here or watch his video below.


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Posted by Brian Mo on Monday, March 9, 2015