December 2013

A Message of Thanks


Gawad Kalinga Canada wishes to express its gratitude to everyone who has extended a helping hand during this time of unfathomable tragedy in the Philippines.  

The calm after typhoon Yolanda left revealed the super typhoon’s fury: a death toll rising up to 6000++ as of this writing, villages flattened and wiped out and survivors left with nothing except for the clothes on their backs. 

However, the Filipinos’ resiliency is simply unequaled. There is no room for despondency. A testament to this is how the international community who showed sympathy, compassion and generosity instantaneously recognized hope in the faces of the survivors.

(Novotel Hotel Vaughan event photo by SPSYN)

(Clockwise from top}:  GKC volunteers at the Wychwood Barns Market with Rex Manasan, Evelyn Pagkalinawan and GKC directors Dr. Francis Rementilla and Agnes Manasan (l-r); at the One King West Hotel and Unite Here Local 75 fundraising dinner with Unite Here president Liz Pimentel, CK Atlantis Hotel Management president Kosta Tomazos and GKC vice chairman Jose Querubin (l-r); at the the turnover of donations by Action Honda and the Bicol Canada Community Association with Rafael Nebres, Querubin, Hank Tung and Jamir dela Paz (l-r); at the turnover of the funds raised by Trent University’s Southeast Asian Organization with Querubin, organization president Emma Sam and Dr. Rementilla (l-r); during the fundraising dinner held by the Novotel Hotel Vaughan and the Filipino-Canadian Real Estate Association; and during the PIDC fundraising dinner with Alfredo Pacis, GKC chairman, PIDC president Norma Carpio, Consul General Junever Mahilum-West, Sid Ikea of the Canadian Multicultural Council.

This is the same hope that GKC brings to Haiyan survivors through its initiatives which you have unselfishly supported. Your kindness and charity has enabled us to fulfill our mandate for Haiyan survivors – which are to rebuild, relocate and rehabilitate damaged and destroyed homes. Your response to our call for help has encouraged us to work harder in fulfilling our mission. Your continued support empowers us to keep on going towards the attainment of our goals, in support of the work being undertaken by GK Philippines.

Where there is darkness, let us be the light.
Operation Walang Iwanan (Haiyan/Yolanda) Updates as of Dec 20

The first row of 7 houses now being rebuilt in GK Tambulilid, thanks to bayanihan (*

We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation to all our volunteers, individual and corporate donors, professional associations, community organizations and small businesses that have taken part in our initiatives to help Haiyan survivors. Your help has been our source of hope, illuminated and passed on to the survivors of typhoon Haiyan.  

We urge you to remain by our side as we continue to support rebuilding efforts in the Visayas region which GK Philippines is now seeing as a three-year commitment.  Let us welcome the New Year with a renewed commitment to be the source of hope to those who need it most.

Maraming salamat po (Thank you very much) and God bless us all in 2014! 


Alfredo Pacis
Gawad Kalinga Canada