July 2013

Message from GKC chairman


Greetings! Over the last six months Gawad Kalinga Canada (GKC) has been coordinating with Gawad Kalinga Philippines on our sponsored projects, the Bayani (Heroes) Challenge 2013 and the emergency assistance extended to the victims of Typhoon Pablo, among other matters. The GKC Board has also convened several times to outline our plan of action for 2013. Indeed, it has been an eventful half a year for GKC!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Viethmier Cuevas, our newly appointed Executive Director. Viethmier is selflessly taking the helm of managing and developing the national expansion program of GKC in 2013. He has a compassionate heart for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Philippines and a passion for nation-building. I thank him for being up to task on the huge mission that lies ahead. I am giving him my assurance that the GKC Board will fully support the projects that will be undertaken under his leadership.

My special thanks to Amir Billiones, of GK Montreal, who has done an outstanding job in ensuring the participation of Team Canada in the 2013 Bayani Challenge. The fund raising projects that Amir helped organized in Montreal have allowed GKC to sponsor disadvantaged students in the Philippines. In connection with this, I would also like to extend my appreciation to the Canadian youth who has been giving their all out support to the endeavors of GKC.

The men and women that make up the GKC Board has relentlessly and tirelessly worked to meet our targets for 2013.  I am privileged to be working alongside them.
Our supporters and volunteers remain our heroes and champions. Most of the time their deeds are not recognized, but it is through their time and resources that GKC and GK Philippines are able to meet the goals set for 2013.

I am urging our supporters and volunteers to keep believing in the cause of fighting and ending poverty in the Philippines. Let us keep the fire burning and share the opportunity to be part of the Philippines’ growth and development. There is much work to be done, but together we are stronger.

God bless,

Pidoy Pacis
Volunteer - Chairman

Cuevas named Executive Director


Gawad Kalinga Canada has appointed Viethmier C. Cuevas as its executive director to oversee the general management and development of the national expansion plan of GKC.

The role gives Cuevas general responsibility for the GKC programs, its expansion and the implementation of its missions. Initially, Cuevas is tasked with developing knowledge of the field and core programs of the organization as well as its operations and business plans. His function states that he will be reporting to GKC chairman Pidoy Pacis.

Cuevas is an electronics and communication engineer, turned real estate broker and businessman. He was introduced to GK in the Philippines in 2001 when he became part of the build team that represented Cebu City in Dumaguete during an international conference of the Singles for Christ (SFC).

From there he became active in GK activities, participating in every build that opportunity allowed. He was a part of a resource generation team in Cebu that raised P25 million pesos in one night. The first Takbo Kalinga (Run for Care) was his brain child, a fundraiser that became an annual GK event in Cebu which was soon duplicated in other key cities in the Philippines because of its success. It was later revised to the GK Walk. He had participated in various GK works as a builder, fund raiser, profiler and trainer, among other roles. Cuevas even hosted two radio broadcast programs on GK in Cebu.  It was clear that GK has planted the seed of nation building in his heart. His personal dream is to sponsor the building of 100 houses in his lifetime.

Last February, 2012, Cuevas moved to Canada to be with his wife, Alma Rose Ballos, also a supporter of GK Philippines and GK Canada. Through a friend in SFC Toronto, he was introduced to GKC which again gave him the opportunity to volunteer in the social movement.

Updates on 6 GKC-sponsored projects


Agricoolers – A total of 42 children benefited from the Agricoolers Values Formation Program that ran from March to May, 2013 at the GK Enchanted Farm, in Angat, Bulacan. The GKC donation helped finance summer tutorials and provided school materials to the children. An Agricool assessment was given to the children on May 31 to evaluate them on academics, farm performance and value systems. GKC sponsorship for the program was P12,136 pesos which covered snacks and materials at P11,152 and mentoring and monitoring costs at P984. (Photo on left shows the Agricooler beneficiaries).


Calaanan – A total of seven houses were built to help homeless families affected by Typhoon Sendong in Calaanan, Brgy. Canitoan, Cagayan de Oro. The project is part of GK Calaanan -Cagayan de Oro Resettlement and Socialized Housing Project Phase 2. Additionally, a landscaping project is being mulled in the same area. Construction started on March, 2013 and was completed mid-May, ahead of the target date of August, 2013. The on-ground team took advantage of the price reduction available for another partner who was buying construction materials in bulk for several villages.
Meanwhile, the landscaping project will commence when all the houses in the site are completed. The project will benefit more than the seven houses sponsored by GKC in the site. Funds allocated for the completion of another house will be diverted for this project on the recommendation of Cha Mercado, partnership manager for GK Canada.
GKC has allocated P814, 659.75 pesos for the Calaanan project to cover the following: P700,000 for the materials, labor, construction management, mobilization, contingency and contribution to completion of one house; and P66,053.49 for mentoring and monitoring costs.

Tribu – The building of three houses in Kalayaan Street, GK Tribu, Batasan Hills, Quezon City was started on May, 2013 .The local team is targeting project completion by August, 2013. Beneficiaries are the families of Edna Canadas, Carina Capistrano and Marioano Claveria.

GKC has allocated P367,872.50 pesos for this project to cover the following: program implementation (materials and equipment) at P338,045 and mentoring and monitoring costs are  at P29,827.50. (
Photo shows the Build at GK Tribu.)


Seabreeze – Construction of two houses under this project at Sea Breeze GK Village, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental will be completed this July, 2013. Completion report will be submitted on July 22. Beneficiaries are the families of Jerry Catian and Manuel Gabe.
  GKC has allocated P227,550 pesos for this project that covers labor, construction materials and mobilization costs at P209,100; and mentoring and monitoring costs at P18,450.
Maguikay – This project covers the construction of one house and five septic tanks in San Miguel GK Village, Sudlon Maguikay, Mandaue City and is set to be completed by the first week of August, 2013.
  Named project beneficiaries are Moisesa Basanes for the house, and Roy Villarino, Patricia Barino, Condrada Palang, Dolorosa Balaom and Ma. Bernadeth Avenido for the septic tanks.
  GKC has allocated P189,625 pesos for the projects that will cover labor and materials at P174,250 and mentoring and monitoring costs at P15,375.00.
LBV – Preparation and organizing of residents for the food processing livelihood project is now on going at GK Los Banos Ville, Brgy. Tuntungin-Putho, in Los Banos, Laguna.
   There are a total of 238 household beneficiaries of the food processing livelihood project involving meat like ham, skinless longganisa (sausage), siomai (dumpling) and tocino (cured pork).
   GK has allocated P76,174 pesos for the project that will cover equipment and materials – freezer, grinder, etc., and operating/maintenance for P70,000 and mentoring and monitoring costs for P6,174.#


New GK Champions in Montreal


by Amir Billiones 

New GK champions and partners have voiced their interest in working with GK Canada after attending the April concert "Leave No One Behind: Bringing the Philippines out of the 3rd World" on April 21, 2013 at The Hive Cafe, at the Concordia Loyola Campus.
Along with current heroes exploring new ways to help, it has indeed become fun to do the Bayanihan. For so long, Filipinos have shed tears crying for the impoverished state of their motherland with little hope for change. Gawad Kalinga provides such a framework where one and all can work together to change the system, to build infrastructure, and to change to a culture of hopelessness.
This is the common thread with our excited volunteers: little miracles inspiring bigger miracles, humble heroes inspiring great feats. Solidarity in selflessness becomes universality of hope..#

Generosity Displayed at Benefit Concert


The Filipino-Canadian community gathered together in solidarity and raised about $3,500 for rebuilding efforts to help the victims of Typhoon Pablo during the benefit concert "Kapit Kamay sa Pagdamay" on Jan. 18, 2013 at the Glenview Presbyterian Church, in Toronto.

The funds benefited the GK Canada village in Davao which was also devastated by the typhoon. The death toll from the typhoon reached 1067 while a total of 844 remain missing, according to the latest report by the news wire AFP. Damage to property was estimated at P42.2 billion pesos or US$1.04 billion.

The 2-hour fundraising event featured a free concert from local Toronto artists, food and beverages donated by Filipino restaurants, raffle draws and a silent auction.#