July 2011

Colourful Presence At The Mabuhay Festival

Gawad Kalinga Canada put up an attractive display at the Mabuhay Festival on July 23 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto with big posters showing GK activities and programs. A computer monitor also showed various GK videos non-stop. A mini-survey and raffle was conducted to determine if people have heard of Gawad Kalinga and if they were willing to know more or to volunteer.  









An adjoining booth displayed sample Human Nature products. Many curious people stopped at the booth to check them out and to hear about why they are special: pro Philippines, pro-environment and pro-poor.   





It was a long day for the volunteers who staffed the booths but well worth it. As Executive Director Marilou Parcero said, “We met our objectives.” It was our first exhibit and we have lessons to learn from the experience. Next time will be better.