October 2010

Doing Good And Having Fun At GK Canada Launch

“Doing good is good business,” Tony Meloto said to an audience that included Gawad Kalinga’s corporate partners in Canada: Telus International and Sun Life Canada. He wanted the people to realize that supporting GK has benefits to both the donors and the beneficiaries, calling it a win-win situation. The man known as GK’s founder is also the most visible and widely heard. He gets invited to different places to speak about the movement he is very passionate about. He was in Toronto from October 28-29 as special guest in the launching of Gawad Kalinga in Canada, another country that has joined GK1World, the attempt to make GK a global movement. There are already well-established chapters in the United States, Australia and Singapore and active contacts in ten countries in Europe and Asia.

The Canada launch event at the historic St. Lawrence Hall attracted more than 200 local and international partners, prominent business persons, respected Filipino association leaders, vigilant Pinoy media, loyal friends and beloved families who wanted to meet Meloto in person and have a photo with him for posterity and -- just as important – to hear directly from him about what new directions GK will take. He didn’t talk long that evening but in the short time he was in the city, he lost no time in reaching out to the media, the partners, the academe to spread his message about GK’s intention to be more inclusive and its focus on nation building, building partnerships with the academe and businesses and social innovation.

The overall effort to bring peace, hope and dignity to the poor continues. In the elegance of the setting and with classy entertainment provided by singers Cheryl Samson, Rodney Ronquillo, Omel Masalunga and Geraldine Aniceto; pianist Joe Hidalgo; and the Pamana Vocal Ensemble with Mila Magno as accompanist and Livvy Flores as conductor, everyone enjoyed the evening, proving once and for all that do-gooders can have a good time too.

GK Canada Launch

A number of big Canadian firms have channelled their social responsibility initiatives to help the poor in the Philippines through the Gawad Kalinga (GK) program.

GK founder, Tony Meloto said Telus Canada, SunLife Canada and Manulife Canada among others, have signified their involvement in GK, which is striving to build homes and create ideal communities for the deprived in the Philippines.

Meloto was in Toronto October 28 and 29 to launch a reinvigorated GK Canada program.

In a meeting, he said GK’s major direction was to look at the poor in the Philippines with respect and dignity; and those who have more in life have begun to embrace the GK goal of helping ease poverty in the country.

He said the target was to establish at least 50,000 GK housing sites in the country by the year 2014.

Lands have been donated; homes have been built; linkages have been strengthened with local government to create jobs for those in GK communities, he added.

The miracle of sharing resources have been institutionalized, but more was needed to reach the GK non-sectarian mission-vision, Meloto said as he sought more financial help and volunteers to carry on the cause.

During the Lawrence Hall launch, Meloto noted the efforts of those managing GK Canada: Pidoy Pacis, Chairman; Jojo Querubin, Vice Chairman; Solomon Exmundo, President; Jimmy Nagallo, Director for Marketing and External Affairs; Elvira Tan, Corporate Secretary and Treasurer, Luis Oquinena, Director, Meloto, Director and Marilou Parcero, Acting Executive Director.