A Gathering of Heroes

Toronto Don Valley Hotel

A Gathering of Heroes on November 18.

Don’t expect Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Darna at the November 18 gathering of heroes at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel. Don’t be afraid of Rizal or Bonifacio rising from the dead too. Expect and be delighted to see common faces. Modern heroes are not only martyrs. Neither are they superhumans nor comic book characters. They are, in other words, like you and me. For the A Gathering of Heroes event at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel, men and women who have contributed to nation building and the GK way of eliminating poverty in the Philippines will be recognized and honoured as heroes. You probably know any of them and maybe you yourself are one. The word hero in Filipino is “bayani” the root word of whichis “bayan” which in English is “nation”. So a “bayani” is a nation builder. A related word is “bayanihan” which is the Filipino way of building community by helping each other and sharing resources. What else should one expect at the event? Tony Olaez, chairperson of GK USA will give an inspirational talk. There will also be testimonials from GK partners and volunteers. The One Canada GK Village will also be launched. The So YouThink You Can Build challenge will drum up pledges from attendees that night. The rules of the GK Canada Lyric Writing Competition will also be announced. The winning entry will be set into music by a professional musician, Toots Evidente, and will be performed at the opening of the GK Global Summit in Toronto in July 2012. View the flyer for more ticket information.